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We are the best in ‍spying and investigation

In the twentieth century of digitalisation, everyone is now using digital methods. Whether it is to catch a thief or to steal. Whether for human welfare or for destruction. The era of Sherlock Holmes is long gone. That is why our team is always searching for all kinds of information with the help of the latest technology. No one can be hidden from our eyes, whether it is a foreign spy or an opportunity seeker to pass the house.

Quality services Since 2011

We are committed to presenting 100% accurate information with the utmost confidentiality.

At the present time society, crime and crime types have changed, guilt has risen in people’s hearts, if you look around you, you will see that most people are involved in some or the other crime. Murder, rape, theft, robbery, blackmail, kidnapping, etc. are on the rise. On the other hand, the activities of our law enforcement agencies are depressing, many murders, rapes and other complex issues are not being revealed. There are also issues like family betrayal, marrying under false pretenses, having extramarital affairs, wasting lives on gambling, drugs, etc.

With all these things in mind, our organization has been providing services for a long time. Millions of criminals have been confronted with the truth, helping to get justice. We are committed to alleviating all your worries.


Personal Information


To investigate the personal information of any person in the country

Personal Security

Personal Security

We deal with the personal security of anyone

Sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse

Investigate child sexual harassment.



We investigate all types of kidnapping cases

Call Details

Call Details

Find out the mobile call details of any operator.



Is someone unknown threatening you? Do you suffer from insecurity? We are by your side.

Social Media Hack

Social Media

We have the best hackers to hack the chat history of any social media app



We are unique in searching for smugglers of any class anywhere in the country



Violent incidents like rape and murder are properly investigated

Human trafficking

Human trafficking

It's one of the most heinous crimes in the world, and anyone in your family can be a victim.

Suspect Person

Suspect Person

Find out the real truth about a suspect person around you Or you could be the victim.



A heinous criminal like a rapist should not be spared in any way, our investigation team will help you in every way.



Cybercrime is a big problem at the moment, take our help to prevent it.



Our service will help you to catch the corrupt and usurious corrupt people of the society with evidence.



You have been deceived by someone, cannot find him, or find evidence against the deceiver.

Enemy in disguise

Enemy in disguise

You can not easily distinguish between friends and enemies, so please help us.



Everyone often are now being blackmailed in various ways, but we have to stop it.



You can take our help to get back any important items you have stolen.

Missing person

Missing person

To find the missing person, our young investigators provide the best results of all time.

Extramarital affair

Extramarital affair

Nowadays most women, men are partners in this social decline, be careful about your partner.



Most murders continue to be criminal suicide, which is horrible for society. It is important to know the truth and punish the culprit.



Who has embezzled your savings, can't find it, can't find proof, unable to take action against it?



Your daughter or sister can't get out on the street, you can't take action against them, but we are.

Black magic

Black magic

If you think someone is hurting you with black magic, get rid of it quickly

Legal aid

Legal aid

You can take legal help from us in any matter. We have prominent Supreme Court lawyers.

Our service is unique in keeping your life safe and stress free

Congratulations to all our customers at home and abroad, for your love and inspiration, our research activities have now spread not only in the country but also in Kolkata, Jharkhand, Patna, Kanpur, Lucknow, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, in India.
Keeping in view your needs and interests, we are on our way to deliver our services wherever there are Bengali speaking people in the world.

Why would you prioritize our service over all others?

Thinking of all classes of people, we are the only ones offering two types of investigation services.

Every one of our investigators here is a retired officer, cadre, non-cadre officer, army, police, DB, CID, DGFI, NSI wise retired officer. Their skills, perseverance, thoughtful opinions, imagination and conjecture power, past experiences are all incomparable. They do a lot of things from previous experience, where, who, how, to control, who to bribe, from whom accurate information is obtained. It is very easy for them to communicate with anyone in the office, court or any profession. There are many VIP places in the country where there is no public access, they also have a lot of free roaming. As well as They use the most sophisticated tools in their investigations, so you understand that there is no substitute for high profile investigations for important investigations and official data collection.

The general investigators who work are young, enterprising, educated, talented. Their main tasks are finding someone, personal information, extramarital affairs, personal security, full-time surveillance, searching, they are quite skilled in such work. They are very affordable, low cost, and we have a system in place to meet the needs of the general public.
These are all good, but in some cases there are problems such as discussions with high-ranking officials, problems with some office, bank or court information, many people see it in a negative light, they have less analytical ability, lack of experience, It is not right to do high level investigation with them.

The confidence of our clients

To us, the privacy of the client is first and foremost, the core religion of every intelligence agency is privacy, we are one step ahead in that regard. Although our official person communicates directly with the clients, our investigators never communicate directly with the clients, as we may have to monitor them at some point. No one will know who, when, where, how, is being investigated. So we have all your issues completely secure.

Fraud is in the blood of human beings.

Has your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, coworker or partner cheated on you? Are you blaming him for this?
Then we’ll say you’re wrong, he’s human, and humans can cheat on each other. Wrong of you, lack of you, Because you didn’t recognize him in time, Believed him blindly, You should have, before you rely on him, Find out more about him. Which you did not. of course, any of his behavior in the past seemed out of place in your eyes,
What you didn’t pay attention to, you are now suffering the consequences of that negligence. This applies to everyone related to you, Verify everyone correctly then trust him, Otherwise at some point you will sink into the abyss of so many problems that you may not be able to get up.

Only we can bring you face to face with that hidden truth, then the decision can be yours.

How authentic is our service?

We are the only ones in Bangladesh who have been investigating any crime for a long time with honesty and sincerity. Since the Government of Bangladesh refrains from licensing all types of private investigation companies, Yet we have uncovered thousands of secret crimes and criminals, both public and private. Only we conduct investigations in every place in a completely legal way through modern investigation tools. Our organization never disappoints the clients, nor does it present false information just to comfort the client. Our documentary is presented to you in such a way that it seems as if you are in a crime scene, not a report.If a crime has been committed, in any way an attempt has been made to hide the crime or the truth, rest assured that our investigation will uncover that crime. We will reveal the truth.
You can trust us just as you believe in life and death. Every service we provide is 100% authentic. You must receive our high profile investigation service to get our best service. We promise not to let you down in any way.

Get to know the enemies and friends around you, take our help to identify the masked criminal.

Our services are essential to ensure your safe life.

Believe it or not! The world is full of crime and transgression, There are poisonous traps all around, everyone is looking for opportunities, those you think are yours, if given a chance, they will betray you. You are responsible for the care of your children and family, Can you keep an eye on them all the time? Do you know who they are mixing with? Where are  going? What are doing?

You have no idea how much damage can be done to you in an instant.

Our features

We are able to present the most reliable data within your reach.

  • The first and foremost condition of our investigation is that you cannot discuss the subject of the investigation with any close person.
  • No data based on conjecture is ever presented.
  • Suspicious information is not presented.
  • No report is given before the deadline.
  • Appropriate evidence will be available subject to each report.
  • Proof of the report can be pictures, video footage, audio clips etc.
  • Every report of our officers is accurate as well as challenging.
  • The reports of our officers can be submitted directly to the court as evidence.
  • Investigative officers are not only able to find out the inner truth of any person, but also their thoughts.
  • No information is ever presented without full assurance.
  • Our officers are able to uncover the truth faster and more accurately than any government investigation.
  • Our organization is the only one in Bangladesh where high-ranking retired officers of the government intelligence department provide services.
  • Our superiority is privacy, accuracy, speed.
  • Our reporting is never about the satisfaction of the client, but about finding the right truth.
  • Legal assistance and advice is provided as needed.
  • We seek to investigate any level of person,  any level of businessman, official employee of any government / private office including MP, Minister, Secretary etc.

Personal vehicle

Cameras and recorders

Cyber hacker

Costume camouflage

Jurist & adviser

Licensed weapons

Telescopes and drones

Mobile tracker

Forensic Laboratory

Lady Detective


Have any questions?

Check our FAQ

Mail us first about your query, after informing us of all your requests in writing, we will let you know your cost and our related needs in a return mail.

Because there is no one else like us, only we provide private investigators in Bangladesh. Truthful, fair, fearless, timely investigation is your only option if you wish. Only we can fulfill all your requirements.

We are ready to present all the results of the investigation in the way you want. Pictures, video footage, audio clips, written results whatever.

Our organization has most of the retired officers of government intelligence agencies such as Army, RAB, NSI, DGFI, CID, DB etc.. Human rights activists, lawyers, and A bunch of talented young men and women.

The key condition of the investigation is confidentiality, to us the security and confidentiality of the client is above all. Even in the interest of confidentiality of our investigators refrain from meeting or talking directly with the client. Basically no one will know anyone, that’s the main purpose.

In each of our investigations, the client has to advance all the payments. However, in the case of operations where the amount is much higher, two or three installment benefits are given.

No feedback is given for less than seven days for any investigation to be conducted, depending on what is being investigated. It usually takes 7 to 30 days.

Only in the case of hiring personal security and conducting any special intelligence activities is there an opportunity to communicate directly, which must come to our head office. There is no scope for direct contact in the case of a general investigation. All communication is done on mobile and email.

Of course payment for all investigations must be made at the beginning of the work. Because we hire people to investigate as soon as we receive the payment.

Everywhere in the country, there is an opportunity to receive service at any time. Our operations are running at all times in the general divisional cities.

We are the only ones who have been providing intelligence services since 2011. So far, not only the public, but also the government has uncovered the mystery of many complex crimes.

Realizing the client’s needs, in many cases we seek advice and services from our wise lawyers.

At present, the government of Bangladesh does not issue licenses or approvals to any type of private intelligence agency, so we conduct our activities by informing the local administration before doing any work.

general questions

Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs. Here are some of the more common questions we get asked:

Contact us on mobile to discuss more details.

We are at the forefront in investigating crimes like murder, suicide and rape.

In many cases, those who are killed because of domestic violence or enmity are acquitted due to lack of evidence, or the wrong people are punished.
Many rapists are not identified, if the rapist kills the victim, then the law of our country becomes helpless like a blind man. Accepting our help in all those cases will definitely be a milestone for you. It is very important for you to know the truth for your own safety, not for others. If you remain silent despite your best efforts, you will have to confess to that crime today or tomorrow.


24 hr. service
In any area of Bangladesh

Call us immediately if you have any questions about our service.

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